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Global Trade Atlas®
World Trade Atlas®
  * Country Edition
  * Waterborne Edition
  * Customs Districts
  * State Export

The U.S. State Export Edition of the World Trade Atlas® is the official source of State export data utilizing the Harmonized Schedule (HS). It was developed in cooperation with the U.S. Bureau of Census and contains up-to-date State data by origin of movement into the export market. The State Export edition is published monthly -- containing six years of monthly, year-to-date and calendar-year data. The user can display total exports or exports by air, sea, or other mode of transportation. For air and sea shipments, one can examine trade by weight as well as value.

This software is designed to provide the quickest and easiest way to discover the fastest- growing export markets for U.S. products. It is an invaluable tool to compare exports by mode of transport (or by state or region) to specific country or regional markets. All of the convenience tools found in other GTI software -- including a graphics package, a lexicon to identify products by HS number, easy-to-use features for downloading data -- are included

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