World Trade Atlas®



This product provides a distinct way of analyzing international trade to and from U.S. ports by mode of transportation (air, vessel or total). Analysts will find the World Trade Atlas – U.S. Ports Edition® lightning-fast and easy to use.

The World Trade Atlas - U.S. Port Edition® is an excellent research tool. It provides a way to document and analyze the value of the port to the surrounding community; to identify at a touch of the keyboard those ports competing for trade in a specific sector or with a specific country; to identify marketing opportunities for port-related industries; to pinpoint the transaction information needed before proceeding to other more expensive data sources; and much more.

At the Touch of the Keyboard You Can:

  • Display port trade over a 3-year time period aggregated by most current month, year-to-date or calendar year in dollars, metric tons, or short tons.
  • View trade according to mode of transportation: by air, vessel, or total.
  • Select any port in the country and see the destination or origin of its goods by trading partner or by commodity classification at the 2, 4, or 6 digit level of detail in the Harmonized Commodity Code System.
  • Compare trade to or from any U.S. port in a selected commodity (or a specific foreign country) with all other U.S. ports involved in the trade

The World Trade Atlas – U.S. Port Edition contains many of the other convenience tools incorporated in Global Trade Information software including a lexicon to identify Harmonized System numbers by keyword and other easy-to-use search features. Official descriptions of HS categories are available at the touch of your keyboard. You have the option of printing data immediately or saving any screen in spreadsheet, text or comma-delimited file.





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