Global Trade Atlas

Global Trade Atlas®

The Global Trade Atlas from Global Trade Information Services is an online trade data system that 
offers a unique perspective for viewing the world’s merchandise trade statistics. It allows users to 
view world trade flows for products of interest using the latest import/export data from the official 
sources of more than 70 Countries.

Users can view the imports or exports of multiple countries on a single screen or focus on the trade of a particular country. The Global Trade Atlas® reports commodities using all levels of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule and displays value, quantity and average unit price, as well as import and export market share positions and percent change.

Who uses the Global Trade Atlas

Organizations throughout the world rely on the Global Trade Atlas for up-to-date information. These organizations include:

  • Multinational companies
  • Research organizations
  • Consulting firms
  • Industry associations
  • Government agencies
  • Financial institutions

Why you should use the Global Trade Atlas

Information is the foundation of good decisions. You can use the Global Trade Atlas® to:

  • Track imports and exports of a product on a global scale on one screen.
  • Identify new markets and competing products.
  • Analyze trends in the market by viewing historical data.
  • Find the existing market share of each product by country.

Features that help you work smarter and faster

Our trade data system is simple to navigate and allows the user to view and organize data as needed. With the Global Trade Atlas you can:

  • View Harmonized Schedule (HS) codes from the most general to the most detailed level.
  • Display monthly, quarterly, biannually or annual value or quantity data for multiple years.
  • Create customized country or product groups.
  • Derive import/export data for countries which are not available in the GTA.

Subscription costs

Subscription fees are tailored to your specific requirements based on three factors:

  • Number of reporting countries
  • Number of 6-digit commodity codes
  • Frequency of data updates per year


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